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I was having a dispute with my apartment complex and broke my lease due to health concerns. A few months later I was contacted by this so called legitimate company.

Upon doing a quick search I came across this completely offensive and disguising video this company so proudly displays on their youtube page. Not only being completely ridiculous its also highly distasteful. I'm not sure of the demographics that this company deals with but the line that their employee states when hes talking about collecting "Ive got my whip ready" is %!00 unacceptable, especially during the current political climate. I would advise any company which values its reputation to stay away from doing business with Hunter Warfield.

P.S. In case the video didnt upload correctly you can view the video in referring to here

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hunter Warfield needs to be sued over and over


What kind of a wacked-out company is this? Lady told me she was not governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

She said the company was not a collection agency, it is an asset management company. When I asked for proof of the debt including the exact date that the so-called payday loan was taken out Etc she basically hung up on me. She tried to tell me it was in 2015. But the address she had me at I haven't lived at for 10 years.

She claimed that my checking account, with a bank that I haven't had for over 10 years, was still active and they had tried to collect recently on this loan and received back an NSF notification.

I'm very concerned about this and how it could affect my credit as it is very precarious now. I think I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau and an attorney.


I actually had to break my lease due to being sexually assaulted by my neighbor. Did you have any luck with them?


I broke my lease because both of my parents got sick. It was too hard on my mom to take care of my dad.

He had 3 strokes and 2 heart attacks. My mom has dementia. They do not care. Just them getting paid.

This should be illegal and morally correct. Something needs to be done.