I am in the army and was deploying the same time my lease was up.I turned in keys had already paid a full months rent even though I was leaving in the 10th of that month, we cleaned, turned in keys and they already had both a copy of my orders and my 30 day notice.

We did a walk through with the rental company and received a refund of my deposit as well as the balance from the rent. I deployed and came back only to find out when I went to rent another place that I had a judgement from them. I call the rental company to find out why and they claimed I was charged damages as well as another month and that my account was with them and to contact them. Meanwhile I was never contacted and everything was handled right so I would never have thought to check my credit.

I contact hw and told them what happened and what could be done to fix it and they said to fax in the paperwork I had, ( glad I keep all paperwork ) and I did and they claimed they didn't receive it so I sent on 5 different occasions and mailed in copies and they are still claiming to have not received anything.Now they are harrassing me but I'm done dealing with them I filed to have the case reopened we are going to court and I'm countersueing for harrassment.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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Pharr, Texas, United States #911118

HW continues to contact me with harassing phone calls about a debt owed but will not produce an itemized invoice validating the alleged debt. Scumbags at best


Hunter Warfield are well known for rude, threatening, unethical & unlawful harrassment and collection tactics.Deal with them with the expectation that *you* will eventually have to sue *them* for their habitual lawbreaking...

Try to stay cool & be civil, but from the first contact: Demand verification of the "debt" they claim, check to see if they are licensed and permitted to operate in your state at all, demand that all further contacts be in writing, by mail, record every telephonic conversation you can't avoid having with them, file complaints against them (and the original creditor, if the claimed debt is totally fraudulent... as many are) with the Better Business Bureau, your state's Attorney General or Consumer Protection Division or Agency, and the Federal Trade Commission... and finally, get an attorney. Do NOT pay anything to them, as this weakens your case against them!

This outfit needs to be shut down.

Lobby your legislators to put some real criminal sanctions and business-ending fines into existing consumer protection laws.Today's statuatory $1000 fines are chump change to a multi-billion dollar harrassment & intimidation "industry".

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